On a path is a website and blog written solely by me, Lee McDonald, to share the insights developed during my mid-life spiritual quest. I am a highly educated scientist who grew up to middle age with no religious affiliation or traditional faith. A number of years ago I decided to apply my research energies toward longstanding questions that were kicking around in my mind, such as:

  • why do I have such a strong traditional morality, without religion?
  • what is the best way to live my life?
  • what is God and what is our relationship to God?
  • how should I approach other unknowable mysteries?
  • what the heck was that zooming past me in high school and college humanities courses?

That last question is serious. Growing up and through my education, I was completely factual, focused on math and science. At the same time I had a curiosity about Grand Canyon couplemythology, fine art and classical music, philosophy, and everything that I wasn’t “getting” when I read literature. It turns out that I was missing perspective on the value and validity of the entire other realm of truth that is not based on physical/material/mathematical facts – the realm of our experience that touches us not rationally, but emotionally, instinctually, and spiritually. Paying attention to one’s instincts and insights is one of the main messages I hope to impart on these pages, for without me answering the nagging under-the-surface interests in the non-factual side of humanity, I would have not realized the depth of my (non-religious) spiritual nature.

In addition to periodic blog-like entries with my latest insights and findings, this site has (or will have as I get to them) static pages that share what I know and believe to be true as my studies approached answers to the list of questions above. I hope that what I learned may inform and inspire you to live more in tune with your true nature, and to develop yourself beyond the confines of traditional dogma.

All contents are copyright Lee McDonald, writing and photographs.


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