Welcome at the beginning!

Well, here goes. You are here at the beginning of this site, without much content yet. Check out the About page, and know that this is a tentative outline of content that will appear over the next weeks and months:

Section “A Personal Ethic” containing my personal, Taoist-inspired philosophy for living an examined and flourishing life:

  • be, covering the concepts of your roles and duty, knowing your character/personality/temperament, balancing labor/work/action, determining your foundational faith, understanding the Tao
  • attend, covering the concepts of listening to your instincts and ‘aha!’ moments, valuing what seems to be beyond your (current) nature, balancing your intuitive (self-authority) and sensing (outside-authority) traits
  • become, covering the concepts of personal development, action and creation, widdershins, and ‘wu wei er wu bu wei’
  • respect, covering the concepts of perspective, humility, and authority/autonomy

Section “Big Questions” containing my insights into some of the classical problems in philosophy. The About page gives a list of my big questions.

Section “Sources & Commentary” containing recommendations for further reading.


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